Developing sustainable options for the 21st century life is one the most critical challenges facing the world today.
Sustainability is of paramount importance in any field and continuous innovation is the precedent as well the antecedent to consolidating a sustainable enterprise. It is our duty as a society to innovate constantly to enable energy security, to garner sufficient and efficient resources, quality infrastructure and encourage job creation.

With all the experience and expertise combined and synchronized in perfect harmony C Tech Group has the attributes that has created and established a sustainable enterprise which contributes to the benefit of the society both directly and indirectly while also ensuring that these challenges can be met on a day to day basis in the long run. Our commitment to the environment has always formed the bedrock of all our business practices owing to which we have set up factories which operate on the principle of 'Zero Discharge' i.e. no effluent discharge outside the plant. We have a unique set of specialty products which are non toxic and non hazardous. Our commitment to the environment has led us to phasing out all halogen and organo phosphorous based compounds completely.

We believe that following our principles of providing uncompromising quality to our customers and commitment to the safety of our environment and thereby molding all our practices accordingly is a powerful tool to creating a successful, profitable business which will add value to the entire chain of our customers, their customers, consumers and finally the planet!!!