CombirepelTM is a non toxic, non hazardous and environmentally safe animal/bird and insect aversive designed to keep away different species of birds, animals and insects and specifically rodents and termites.
This niche product has been designed on the principles of green chemistry while at the same time considering the demands of various downstream applications for which its use has been developed for including polymeric, coating and construction applications. CombirepelTM is manufactured in India by C Tech Corporation and consumed globally for myriad applications. It is a product resulting from smart technology and green chemistry.

CombirepelTM does not kill but only keeps the insect/animal away by making use of the sensory mechanisms. Aggressive species are further deterred from attacking by advanced mechanisms like repellence, fear, feeding deterrents, mating disruption, reproduction cycle inhibition, growth impairment, chemo sterilization, association and conditioning thus modifying their response towards the CombirepelTM containing products resulting in them staying away from the application. Thus, CombirepelTM actually helps in modifying insect behavior.