CombirepelTM is synergistic combination of the best properties of non toxic and non hazardous anti rodent and anti- termite aversives Rodrepel and Termirepel respectively.
Both these products have been extensively tested both in house as well as by reputed government testing institutes such as The Haffkine Institute of Training, Testing and Research, Bombay; the Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, Hyderabad and so on in various applications such as cables, pipes at various loadings for their efficacy and have been found to be successfully evaluated effective anti-rodent and anti-termite products.

CombirepelTM is available in the form of a concentrate and the standard range is available based on LDPE and EVA polymeric granules. Customized concentrates for very specific applications are also offered. Recommended addition level of these concentratees is 1%-5%. It is effective over a very long span of time. (15-40 years).