CombirepelTM is compatible with all kinds of thermoplastic and thermosetting polymers such as PE, XLPE, PP, PVC, polyesters, epoxies and paints: both water and oil based.
CombirepelTM is available in form of concentrate based on LDPE as well as EVA polymeric granules. It is also available as:

  • 20% solution in ethanol
  • 2.5% solution in water
  • Solution in kerosene or any paint miscible solvent (4000 ppm)
  • 50% concentrated Nano granular form in wax

As CombirepelTM is effective at parts per million levels; it does not interfere with the physical or chemical properties of polymers or compounded polymers. It is designed to withstand the extreme heat of polymer processing as also enhanced and uniform dispersion along the length of the polymer matrix. The suggested loading in polymers is 500 parts per million or 0.05%. At such small loadings the physical properties of the polymers or the compounding process are not at all affected.

CombirepelTM has been incorporated as an aerosol spray, used as gel to protect from woodpeckers & other birds, used on roofs. CombirepelTM has been very successfully added to Wires & Cables, Plastic screens & sidings, railway doors & windows, seats, wires & cables used in automobiles.