Rodent damage to pipe

You can find rats or mice entering your house even when you have designed a rodent-proof house?!

Yes, this is true!

Rodents like rats and mice do not need doors or window to enter a house. A tiny hole as small as a finger ring is enough for the rodents to pass through and make an entry into your house. They easily make use of the sewage, water, gas and other essential pipes to enter the facilities like homes, offices, theaters etc.

The Stuff news article says, “Rats chew through water pipe causing thousands of dollars in damage” highlighting the nuisance caused by a rat when it entered Mr. Brian Turner’s house.

Rodents can swim up sewer pipes and get excess inside the toilets. They use these pipes for traveling from one end to another. In between, they do gnaw these applications resulting in leakage of the pipes.

Several utility pipes are laid underground. These pipes are susceptible to get damaged by the rodents which reside underground. The rodents chew these pipes to keep their incisors sharp.
The colors and texture of the polymeric pipes attract these pests which make them attack these applications.

Now, rodents are even known to gnaw metals, thus the metallic pipes are not safe from the rodent attack. Rodents have a bite force greater than that of the shark. Thus they can easily bite the metal pipes leaving them for no use.

Many a times rodents gnaw on water supply pipes making holes in them. This results in unnecessary flow and wastage of water.

The destruction caused by rodents can be unimaginable. Accidents have occurred due to rodents chewing the gas pipelines leading to leakage of gas. This has resulted in fire hazards making people lose their lives.

Want to know more on the nuisance caused by rodents, read the articles from news below :

Wiltshire householders warned to watch out for rodents

6th September 2017 Alison Phillips – Gazatte and Herald

RATS are likely to be on the rise in Wiltshire this autumn as the county already is high on a national rat league table, so householders should watch out for sightings of the disease-carrying rodents in homes and gardens.

A typical home may have more than a dozen potential entry points for rats as they can get through gaps as small as 15mm, often through plumbing pipes and unscreened vents or gaps in the eaves and roof edges.

Warning of rat invasion for Cambridgeshire this autumn

BYANNA STARNES 08:40, 7 SEP 2017

As the weather turns colder and wetter, homeowners are at risk of finding unwanted furry guests
Cambridgeshire is primed for a rat invasion this autumn, according to the British Pest Control Association (BPCA).

Dee Ward-Thompson, technical manager for the BPCA, said: “The first evidence of rats in a home is often noises under the floor, in the walls or loft as that’s where most will head to once they’re inside.

They’ll also do their best to find sources of food, which means they can soon move to other areas of the house occupied by humans.

The average house has more than a dozen possible ways for rats to enter. They can fit through spaces as small as 15mm, such as plumbing pipes, unscreened vents or gaps in the eaves and roof edges.

The rodent menace around pipes has been tried to control using ineffective methods. The traditionally used methods for pest control involve the use of mechanical traps which fail to work on the occurrence of a mechanical error. Fumigation of pesticides is done to keep rodents away from the applications. Glue boards are used which are dangerous when children and pets are around. Rodent baits are one of the most dangerous methods used to kill the rodents.

All these methods have proved ineffective and have given no results. A need for use of effective products has aroused.

Is there a solution for this rodent menace?

We at C Tech Corporation have come up with a viable solution for this problem.

Our product Combirepel™ is an extremely low toxic, non-hazardous rodent aversive. This product acts through a series of highly developed intricate mechanism ensuring that rodents are kept away from the target application. Our eco-friendly products do not kill the target species but only repel them.

The products are available in the form of solid masterbatches which can be incorporated as a polymer additive in the pipes used for various purposes to make them rodent resistant. The masterbatch can be incorporated in polymeric pipes while they are manufactured.

The metallic pipes can be protected by using our liquid concentrate as a topical application. The liquid concentrate is compatible with all kinds of solvents. The liquid concentrate can be mixed with paints in a pre-determined ratio and painted on the external surfaces of pipes. This will prevent rodents from damaging the pipes. The product available in the form of liquid concentrate can be used along with paints and be applied near the areas where pipes are laid on walls and concrete. The product is compatible with all types of paints and solvents.

Our product in form of lacquer can be used to coat the metal and polymeric pipes used for different purposes. The lacquer is transparent product and it does not wear off easily. It can be applied to already installed metal and polymeric pipes.

These product works on the mechanism of sustainability and green technology and therefore significant in today’s time and date as ecology salvation has become the prime focus.

By using our products you can get an effective and long-lasting solution against pest nuisance.

You could thus contribute to us in using products which are eco-friendly thus causing no damage to the environment.

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